One sheet wallet or photo album

Yes thats right, this adorable project takes only one sheet of our beautiful Designer Series Paper(DSP)

DSP is our double sided sheets with coordinating prints and colors. It is ideal for reversible type projects like this one.

WE’ll start with the 12″ X 12″ piece and cut off a four inch strip so we are left with t 8″ X 12″ piece of paper. Now, with the 8″ side along the top of your trimmer or score board score at 4″. Turn the paper so the 12″ edge is along the top and score at 3″, 6″, & 9″. Fold and burnish all your score lines then open up the sheet and cut along the middle score line up to the first 3″ line.

Next comes the folding but first you must choose which side you want for the inside and which for the outside. Once you have done that fold the scored line and the accordion fold the remaining strips.

Now you will glue along two edges to make pockets in your wallet. There will be three compartments. I used a 1″ circle punch placed half way into the pocket. This is where the photo, gift card or money can be placed and easily removed by the recipient.

Next take the 4″ X 8″ scrap that we cut off earlier. This will be wrapped around the wallet and you can choose how long you want it to me. My flap is less than half the front of the wallet

Decorate to whatever theme you would like. You can add stamped images, embellishments, bows, photos or any other desired pieces.

This will most likely take extra postage, depending on how much you add to the wallet.

I have made a quick You Tube video showing the simple steps:

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